Research Papers

(2023). The Foundational Math Skills of Indian Children. Economics of Education Review.

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(2022). Large-Scale Efforts to Improve Teaching and Child Learning: Experimental Evidence from India. Journal of Development Economics (conditionally accepted via pre-results review); The Economic Journal (R&R).

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(2022). Which Students Benefit from Independent Practice? Experimental Evidence from a Math Software in Private Schools in India. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness.

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(2022). Cognitive and Socioemotional Skills in Low-Income Countries: Measurement and Associations with Schooling and Earnings. Journal of Development Economics (R&R).

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(2021). What Drives Teachers to Change Their Instruction? A Mixed-Methods Study from Zambia. Comparative Education Review (R&R).

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(2021). Building Back Better to Avert a Learning Catastrophe: Estimating Learning Loss from COVID-19 School Shutdowns in Africa and Facilitating Short-term and Long-term Learning Recovery. International Journal of Educational Development.

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(2020). Levers for Learning: Relationships between School-Level Factors and Literacy Outcomes in Low-Income Schools in Colombia. Comparative Education Review.

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