CV and Bio

Curriculum vitae

Andreas de Barros is a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT’s Department of Economics, where he works with Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Africa and J-PAL South Asia. Andy’s research specializes in program evaluation and evidence-based education policy in less-developed countries.

His current projects focus on teaching quality as a key determinant of student learning, and on the potential of educational technology to improve instruction.

For his job market paper, he conducted a large-scale, cluster-randomized trial in India to measure the effectiveness of a teacher training program that promotes blended instruction.

His additional research includes computer-based randomized evaluations of pedagogical interventions (in India), an experimental evaluation of the long-run impacts of a scholarship program (in Cambodia), a randomized controlled trial of a large-scale teacher training program that fosters experiential learning (in India), and quasi-experimental research on the effects of formative teacher evaluations (in Chile). All these studies engage with national- or state-level partners, who actively work to improve student learning in government schools, at scale.

Andy holds a Ph.D. in education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. He has extensive experience conducting rigorous education research – with J-PAL, as a Research Manager for Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), as an Assistant Programme Specialist for UNESCO, and as a Consultant to the World Bank. He is passionate about teaching and has presented at multiple conferences and executive trainings around the globe – in Benin, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Ghana, India, Kenya, Peru, Sierra Leone, and the United States.